Annual Convocation

Provincial Grand Chapter Report

On Saturday the 13th November, our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E.Comp Christopher Roach held his first Provincial Grand Chapter meeting at the Masonic Hall in Exmouth. Eighty Companions joined him on a glorious sunny day as he introduced his guests, celebrated promotions and honours and appointed and invested his officers.

In particular, distinguished guests included, the MEGS of Cornwall, E.Comp David Pascoe, from the Craft, E.Comp Peter Keaty and Colin Gale, from the Mark, E.Comp Peter Balsom and Chris Elliot and from the Rose Croix, E.Comp Michael Penny. It was also lovely to see our past MEGS, E.Comp Christopher Pengelly.

E.Comp Roach gave recognition and congratulations to his newly appointed and promoted Grand Officers, EComp’s Munro, Redman, Wills and Heskins. He thanked them for their work and their dedication to the Royal Arch.

Also, a presentation was made to E.Comp Tony Parker in recognition of the dedication he has given to the role of Provincial Scribe Ezra during his term as the Provincial Scribe Ezra who has retired from the role of Provincial Scribe Ezra. E.Comp Tony has worked tirelessly in his role as PrScribeE and is a friend and a source of wisdom to many.

And, last but not least, , E.Comp Roach presented E.Comp Peter Keaty with a cheque for £5,000 towards the 2023 MCF Festival.

All of these presentations were met with applause from the Companions present.

This Provincial Convocation came together as a celebration of Royal Arch companionship and focused on a bright and positive future for the Royal Arch in Devon. This brought to my mind some words from the Royal Arch opening address, “If everything wise, virtuous, and praiseworthy were united, the result would produce Royal Arch Masonry”.

A link to the full transcript of the MEGS address can be found on the top menu.

E.Comp Chris Hodgson 

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