Chapter of Obedience No.1753

Companions, Tuesday 14th September was the Installation meeting at The Chapter of Obedience and we were privileged to witness and participate in a carefully thought out Royal Arch ceremony which showed, not only how Covid has impacted on our masonry but also how a little planning and thought can protect us all. Hand sanitizer was used at certain relevant points in the ceremony and other measures were introduced to minimise the Covid risk.

At the meeting Excellent Companion Nick Cousins was inducted into the Chair of Zerubbabel. There is nothing particularly unusual in this, but for this meeting both Haggai elect and Joshua elect had tendered their apologies due to their work situations and the potential Covid risk. Companions, this is a timely reminder that no one should feel coerced into attending any meeting until they feel safe to do so, regardless of rank or office. Haggai and Joshua will be inducted into their respective Chairs, [hopefully] at the next meeting of the Chapter and we look forward to that occasion.

Also at the meeting, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, EComp Chris Roach joined the forces with EComp Kevin Jones in a little bit of “Chapter Fun” EComp. Jones is known for his sense of humour and had arranged for a collar to be presented to EComp. Hodgson in his role as Provincial Communications Officer, the jewel being a megaphone.

All in all a great night of companionship. Fun was had by all that attended and friendships were renewed.
Congratulations to Excellent Companion Nick Cousins and his team for a wonderful evening of Royal Arch Masonry.

EComp. Chris Hodgson
Provincial Communications Officer

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