In Perfect Harmony


Over coffee this morning I picked up the latest copy o fFMT and I read the article, “In Perfect Harmony” penned by Charles Hopkinson-Woolley, the Grand Director Of Ceremonies. His key message in the piece is that “Ritual shouldn’t spoil the fun of Freemasonry ” but, for me the article contained a whole lot more.

Immediately he touches on that Freemasonry is different for every member, but he also emphasises harmony, enjoyment and provokes thought on possibly reviewing what may be considered the Lodge, (or Chapter) “template”

Of course, the centrepiece of the article is the ritual, however the piece looks at it from the point of view of the Brother, (or Companion), learning and delivering it, and how he may feel before, during and after the delivery, including how it was received and the feedback from his peers. It also talks about how we should help each other, and that ritual should not be a barrier to the journey through the chair. For me this is particularly refreshing.

In reading WBro Hopkinson-Woolley’s closing sentiments and his explanation of the “Redman Test” I was reminded of a particular section from the Robe Addresses in our Royal Arch Ritual: “I would remind you that to reign sovereign in the hearts and affections of men is far more gratifying to generous and benevolent mind than to rule over their lives and fortunes”

EComp Chris Hodgson – Provincial Communications Officer 

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