It is found!

At the recent Installation ceremony in Paignton where our new ME Grand Superintendent, EComp. Chris Roach was installed on behalf of Supreme Grand Chapter by EComp. Chris Pengelly, there was one important item missing – his patent granting him the authority of his office from the First Grand Principal.  Due to the Covid pandemic it was not possible for necessary signatures to be obtained so he was issued a temporary one (on A4 card!) until such times as the proper one could be issued.

Pictured below at the Installation meeting of the Devonian Chapter of First Principals, EComp. Chris Pengelly presents EComp. Roach MEGS with the proper patent made of velum or parchment. 

This meeting was the first outing for many Companions and it was good to be back among friends.

It was also good to note that a number of suits were not as tight fitting as the owners had feared due to our enforced absence!

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