Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No3924

Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No3924

On Friday the 22nd October Companions gathered together at Davie Hall in Plymouth for the Installation meeting of The Devonshire Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No.3924.

In a fantastic setting, presided over by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, ExComp Steve Joint 3rdGP was installed as MEZ and with ExComp’s Mark Richardson and Nick Clemens being installed as H and J.

John Kingdom and his team at Davie Hall then provided all present with an excellent festive board in a most hospitable setting.

This was the first meeting of the Stewards Chapter for 2 years and in addressing the Companions, ExComp Steve Joint, as MEZ, reminded all present that the principle aim of the Stewards Chapter was to help others, as and if they may need assistance.

Members of the Chapter can be available to stand in for Chapter Officers, to assist with Ritual and to “swell” numbers at Exaltations to make sure that candidates really get the Royal Arch “Wow factor”.

Should you ever need any support or assistance please email The Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter at , they really would be pleased to help out in any way they can.

EComp Chris Hodgson

Provincial Communications Officer.

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