Senior Provincial Appointments


At Provincial Grand Chapter, to be held on 13th November 2021, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Chris Roach will be pleased to re-appoint as
2nd Provincial Grand Principal: EComp. Paul Hughes, PGStB
3rd Provincial Grand Principal: EComp. Stephen Joint, PGStB
Deputy Grand Superintendent: EComp. Gerald Watson, PAGSoj

He will also be re-appointing the following Senior Provincial Grand Officers: –
ProvGTreas: EComp. Conrad Donaldson, PGStB, Chapter of Union No. 444 (subject to re-election)
ProvGDC: EComp. Steven Shaw, Pleiades Chapter No. 710
He will also appoint as:
ProvGSE: EComp. Chris Taylor, Perseverance Chapter No. 164
ProvGSN: EComp. N. Timothy Golder, Benevolent Chapter No. 303
ProvGReg: EComp. Gilson Rowe, Brunswick Chapter No. 159

Tony Parker

Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra

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