St. George Chapter 200th celebration

The Chapter of St George 112- 200 year Celebrations.
In 1822 the Chapter of St George 112 met for the first time at the Half Moon Inn, Exeter and 200 years later the Chapter decided that this inaugural meeting simply could not pass without recognition.
The complexities of continuous working had prevented a formal Bicentenary meeting as attempts to prove continuous working remain ongoing. However, the Companions of 112 were keen to mark this momentous occasion and so a celebration was planned to commemorate those Companions who came before us and which would be spoken of by those yet to come.
Forty Nine Companions sojourned together at the Regular Convocation held on Thursday the 5th of May 2022 at Gandy Street. A full agenda of business was attended to including a paper on the history of the Chapter, composed and read by E.Comp Alex Barahona, Scribe E and an Oration delivered by E.Comp Adrian Rogers [Joshua].
The paper detailing the History of St Georges Chapter can be read on the appended pdf and includes details of many Companions of rank and distinction throughout the course of its 200 year history, including a Provincial Grand Master who was removed from office by the then Grand Master!
The oration included allegory relating to the Legend of St George and the lessons of morality contained within.
Following on from the Chapter meeting, the Companions celebrated the occasion in a manner similar to their founders, with a banquet.
The banquet was held at the Exeter Guild Hall commencing with a champagne reception and canapés which allowed the Companions to mix and to share in each other’s company.
Dinner was held in the main hall and the Principals were conducted in by Mace Sergeant Davy Johnston, who had overseen the whole of the celebratory proceedings. The food was exceptional, as was the wine.
This was a delightful evening of celebration, not simply for the tireless work of all those that came before in maintaining the Chapter of St George 112 as a place of fraternal love, but also the cessation of those recent woes that had kept us from enjoying the companionship of our order.
The Companions of the Chapter of St George 112 look positively forward to the next 200 years, to what the future will bring, and to building on the remarkable legacy of our founders.

E.Comp Alex Barahona: Scribe E: C122

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