“From Initiation to Exaltation, the complete journey in pure Antient Freemasonry”.

Royal  Arch  Masonry  in  Devon  is  growing  from strength  to strength. This  document sets  out our road map for continuing this trend and for securing a  positive  future  for  the  Royal  Arch  across  the Province. It clearly defines our vision, our principles, our  goals,  objectives, and  our proposed approach. It emphasises  that  we  are  a team  and that every Companion has an important role to play.  The strategy also provides for a measure of our success with an annual report based on our objectives and our approach.

We believe that the practice of a Chapter has a direct effect on the membership levels. We feel that the
following values sum up best practice in our Chapters:
C – Companionship
H – Happiness
A – Activity
P – Planning
T – Teamwork
E – Encouragement
R – Respect
Companionship. We are all companions on a journey of discovery and should always treat each other as such.
The loss of any companion is a great loss, but a loss through an avoidable resignation is a failure by the Chapter.
Happiness. Attending our Chapter is a pastime which we do for pleasure. The overall atmosphere of the
ceremony and the festive board should be one of happiness, friendship and welcoming to all. The addition of
music adds to the ambiance and enhances the ceremony.
Activity. A common reason for resignation is a lack of purpose in the Chapter. Every Convocation should be
special with a minimum of two Exaltation Ceremonies per annum.
Planning. Planning is key to every Chapter. The content of each Convocation should always be well planned by
the Scribe E and Director of Ceremonies. The quality of the ceremonial affects the enjoyment and therefore the
attendance of the Companions. It should be prepared and well-rehearsed. The ritual is intended to be learnt
and ritual books used only by prompters.
Teamwork. The work should involve as many Companions as possible with a sense of teamwork. Wherever
possible the ‘fixed’ officers in the Chapter should change on a regular basis. This provides a freshness of
approach and an opportunity for others. For those unable to learn the ritual there are many opportunities for
the reading of prayers and scriptures. Every Companion should feel valued, needed and part of the team.
Encouragement. Each Companion should be encouraged to progress through the offices and in due course take
the chairs. It is acknowledged that some Companions find ritual difficult to learn but this should not be a bar to
progress. In such cases the Companion should arrange with the DC to deliver what they are able, with others
to fill the gaps. A Chapter Almoner should be appointed to keep regular contact with all members and
particularly those not attending.
Respect. The individual circumstances of each Companion should be respected and thereby the contribution
that he is able to make to the Chapter.  A Companion who attends his Chapter, or apologises if he is unavoidably
absent, is still a valued member. Whilst participation in the administrative or ceremonial aspects is
recommended, it should not be seen as a necessity. Every Companion should feel proud to be a Royal Arch
The Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra is always happy to offer advice or arrange assistance. He can be contacted here 
A vibrant and growing Royal Arch in Devonshire driven by positivity and happy Companions.
A province that demonstrates the preliminary declaration of the Constitutions and encourages every
mason to complete the stages of Antient Masonry; Initiation, Passing Raising and Exaltation.
To encourage and enthuse those brethren yet to complete their journey in Antient Masonry into the
Royal Arch in Devonshire.
To encourage the Chapters of the province to adopt best practice that they may be well placed to
welcome new members and maintain the interest of its Companions.
To offer education that Companions have a better understanding of the meaning and purpose of the
Royal Arch.
To improve the quality of ceremonial within the Royal Arch that Companions enjoy a better understanding of its meaning.
To provide guidance, support and encouragement to the Chapters to help them to prosper.
To encourage Craft Masons who have been previously lost to the Royal Arch to re-join the Royal Arch
and renew our Companionship.
To advise and assist Chapters that they may achieve their own and the Province’s objectives.
To have 40% of Craft Masons as Companions of the Royal Arch.
To increase recruitment to 7% of our membership per annum
To decrease our resignations to 3% of our membership per annum.
To retrieve 5% per annum of the Craft masons who have been lost to the Royal Arch
To coordinate our efforts on recruitment, retention and retrieval of our membership via our Stewards
A Royal Arch Representative is appointed and maintained in every Craft Lodge. The Representative is
focused on the achievement of our objectives.
To ensure every new master mason receives a joint letter from the Provincial Grand Master and the
Grand Superintendent congratulating him on his raising and recommending the Royal Arch as his next
To offer to Craft Lodges interesting lectures and presentations (e.g. Talking Heads) about the Royal Arch.
To maintain a register of Companions with proven skills in the Royal Arch and offer them to Chapters
struggling to fill key ceremonial roles.
All Chapters have appointed Almoners to address the pastoral needs of the Companions. A training
programme is being developed to assist them to recognise and address at an early stage problems that
could result in membership loss.
To communicate regularly and effectively with the Chapter Scribes Ezra via the Provincial Grand Scribe
Ezra who will in turn report to the Provincial Executive.
To maintain the role of Provincial Communications Officer who works jointly with the Craft
Communications Officer to strengthen and enhance the link between Craft and Royal Arch in Devonshire.

This document may be downloaded HERE

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