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Additional Readings  for the Sojourners


It is highly recommended that these Readings should be delivered to the Exaltee(s) outside the door of the Chapter, just before each of his three entries into the room during the Exaltation ceremony.

The purpose is to give a brief introduction to the main parts of the ceremony so that the candidate can better appreciate the experience through which he will pass.

It will usually be the Principal Sojourner who delivers the Readings, but the Assistant Sojourners can also give them if they are undertaking part of the ceremony.

It is recommended that one of the Scribes, or a suitable member of the Chapter, gives these same Readings within the Chapter at the same time that the candidate is receiving his. A few words of explanation might also be given each time, explaining what is happening outside the door at that moment.

The text of the Sojourner’s Readings is reproduced on the inside back cover of the new edition of the Exaltee’s Guide, a copy of which is presented to the candidate after his Exaltation*.

*Available from the PrScribeE

A Friend in Developing your Masonic Knowledge

As Freemasons we seek to make a “daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge” and this can be achieved with the use of the outstanding learning tool, “Solomon”.  Solomon is devoted to the Craft and Royal Arch. It is organised into three categories:

Personal Study Nuggets and Papers

SHARE & ENCOURAGE: Lodges & Chapters
Nuggets, Papers, Presentations, Demonstrations, Q&A and Quizzes

SUPPORT & PROMOTE: Provinces/Districts
To plan, promote, and deliver Learning and Development
The first two categories have eight modules covering the Craft, the Royal Arch and more general areas, such as symbolism and history. This arrangement will enable individuals to focus and drill down into papers and nuggets (bite-size units of information), and presentations which may be used by Chapters. It will also help to confine the inquirer to those areas appropriate to his masonic progress.
The method of registering an account on Solomon is quite straight forward, easy access may be gained by merely typing pgc-ywr.org in your internet search bar and follow the on-line instruction. From this initial page you can view a video “How to Register on Solomon.”
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